CT Lifestyle Photographer: Snow can be beautiful.

I woke up one morning to drive Sam to jazz band and an inch of snow had fallen over night – on top of the 12-15 inches we had the week before. It was soooo beautiful and another one of those “this is why we live here” moments. The sun would soon melt the snow, so Sam was 5 minutes late for jazz band while I got out my camera at 6:30 a.m.!

I love ornamental grasses and they seem to love our yard and don’t mind if I neglect them in the summer and chop them back in the spring! The snow balancing on their delicate blades is just an added bonus.

You know the snow won’t stay balanced on those branches for long – so grab your camera next time you see it. But quick, before it melts!

Penny knew there was a ball somewhere and she didn’t mind digging for it!

We get asked about Penny all the time, she is Chatham Hill Retriever from Pennsylvania. She is half flat coat retriever and half cocker spaniel – we think she is the perfect size and personality for our family.

So next time I complain about about a delay or an early dismissal or being snowed in for 3 days straight – remind me again how beautiful it can be (and how much Penny loves the snow!) Of course, if we lose power then all bets are off….



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  1. Looks good Mom!

  2. Snow pics are beautiful Janet and website looks great too!!

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