Gothic School House

Group Halloween Shoot

The Planet Photo Tribe was very excited for the gothic halloween photo shoot….. well, let’s be honest, that is probably the understatement of the year! They were 100% on point with their styling so we didn’t waste any time getting down to shooting at the Hill and Plain one room school house in New Milford. Almost all the models had probably visited and learned about the school house in elementary school, so they knew the history of how past residents of our town were educated.

Halloween Photo Shoot

Halloween Photo ShootHalloween Photo ShootHalloween Photo Shoot

The Hill and Plain schoolhouse was built in 1843 and was in use until 1940. The room was heated by potbelly stove, burning wood supplied by nearby farmers in the spring and fall, and coal in the winter months.  At recess the children would play ball in an open field across the road or would slide down the huge rock formation directly behind the school. At the time of its closing in 1940, there were 16 students in the eight grades taught there.

However you are celebrating All Hallows Eve this year, have fun, be safe and save the Milk Duds for me!

Please consider supporting the restoration of the New Milford One Room Schoolhouse
Thanks to Sue Snow for Madi’s vintage costume



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  1. These are phenomenal !!! Loved the idea, and the girls are stunning!

  2. These are so fun!  What a Great concept!  The Tribe must have lived it!

  3. Janet, you are amazingly talented! The girls looked just gorgeous!!! What an awesome idea, for a shoot : ) 

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