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Survivor Portrait Experience

Hanna Torre

The human spirit has an amazing capacity to overcome adversity. 

Celebrating the everyday survivors that live amongst us. 

My name is Hanna and I am a survivor.

Resilience. Smile. LOVE.

Resilience – I have faced a lot of trauma, tragedy & stress but I continually grow & become stronger because of it.  All of it has made me the person I am today.

Smile – It is funny in high school I had a group of friends that used to joke around about having a “I love Hanna Smile” club.  I guess no matter what adversities I face, I try to find a reason to be happy & smile.  Laughter & Smiling is some of life’s best medicine!

Love – I am incredibly grateful for the gift of having/had several dear people & animals in my life who I love & forever treasure! ❤️ 

    1. Describe your situation.

    2. It is a bit odd but I feel like I am survivor because of multiple instances where I found the strength to quit when I knew “enough is enough”.  

      The first time was when I was about 16 years old & worked at an insurance agency in Midtown Manhattan.  My boss bought me I think a pin or something for my birthday, then took my hand, licked it & said to me “I will show you things your boyfriend never can”.  In my disgust, I quit & never showed up to work again. I should have reported him but at the time I did not have any knowledge of who to talk to. I was able to quickly move past the memory because I grew up for years, having to take public transportation to school & work (through bad neighborhoods  & during the time when the subways were sketchy – I could easily write a book on all the subway stories I endured).  In my junior high school there was also an unofficial “Slap your ass Day” in the schoolyard, so I guess part of me was not really phased by pigs at times.

      Fast forward to one of the most difficult times in my life & the hardest decision I ever made to quit a relatively good job I had as an Assistant Director in Metro-North Railroad.  To this day, sometimes I still ponder if I made the right decision but in my heart, I know it was because during that period I was truly not myself.  I remember feeling like I was a stranger in someone else’s body.  There were so many balls which I could not keep up – something was bound to fall or come crashing down.  

      It started in Jan 2015 when we lost one of our dearest friends – Mikey. The devastation of finding him dead is forever etched in my brain.  He died from sarcoidosis (same autoimmune disease that comedian/actor Bernie Mac died from).  That year & whole period was a whirlwind.  

      Those tremulous years, 2015-2017 was filled with sadness & sprinkled with some good times. But all the great experiences did little to help with the grief from 2 losses weighing heavy in my heart & nothing to stop the balls I was trying to juggle. Finally I made the tough decision to quit my job so I could try to better focus on myself, my husband & my mom.

    3. My dad had medical issues and was in & out of hospitals & rehabilitation centers.  He finally recovered, only to fatally fall in Apr 2016 & the ambulance was not able to reach him in time to give him oxygen.  My siblings & I felt helpless, as we watched our incredible dad who laid lifeless in the hospital bed, hooked up to machines.  It was extremely difficult to see him like that for weeks – a man who had so much strength & will to live.  He endured 2 heart attacks, quintuple bypass surgery & other ailments.  Dad was the family’s rock & all the love we have for him will live in our hearts forever.

    4. Yes, despite loved ones thankfully being there for me, sometimes you can’t help feeling alone in your thoughts (resulting in restless nights & anxiety at times).

    5. My husband helped me the most.  He was always by my side.  We overcame numerous tragedies together, along with great times & wonderful experiences.  We are & will forever be each other’s #1 support system.

    6. Going for long walks on nice days, Hiking along scenic spots, Relaxing & seeing new places on vacation, Trying new recipes that myself & others enjoy eating & most of all, just spending quality time with loved ones. 


Celebrating the strength and resilience of 23 Survivors

Each subject has a unique story to share.

You’ll share your story and we’ll plan your personalized portrait session in an initial consultation. I want you to feel confident so I have a professional make up artist at each shoot to make sure you look and feel your very best. Even top models need help with posing and my years of experience in the studio will guide you into the poses that will capture the very best version of you.

I’ll share your story and your favorite portrait in an exclusive coffee table book featuring 23 survivors for 2023. You will receive a beautiful heirloom quality fine art print to share with family and friends so that you will always remember this experience. Additional prints and products are available for purchase if you fall in love with more than one.

Resilience is essential for our survival and well-being, both as individuals and as a society. It helps us to bounce back from setbacks and learn from our mistakes, allowing us to become stronger and more adaptable. Sharing those feelings inspires others to continue their journey.


To those survivors of illness, loss, abuse, divorce or addiction - join me on this incredible and empowering portrait experience.

Portrait experience

Join me on a fun and incredible adventure