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Stranger Things Styled Shoot


“The Duffer Brothers developed Stranger Things as a mix of investigative drama and supernatural elements portrayed with horror and childlike sensibilities, while infusing references to the pop culture of the 1980s.”


Audiences have been obsessed with Stranger Things since it premiered in 2016. We have seen the stars grow up over four seasons and the interest in them hasn’t wained. Like all good tv show obsessions we follow along in their real lives as well as their on screen exploits.  

References to the 1980s have entertained young and old viewers of Stranger Things. Kate Bush finally made it to number one with her song, first released in 1985, “Running up that hill” Whether audiences are watching to reminisce or to learn about an era before they were even born, Stranger Things has nailed the 80’s vibe. Maybe we long for the days before video games and social media when a Sony Walkman was pretty high tech? 

Dungeons and Dragons anyone?


The Planet Photo Tribe is a group of high school girls (and sometimes guys) who really love having fun and being creative. We take the time to plan and style group and themed photo shoots. I get to let my creativity go and they get some fun images for social media. If you would like to join us for our next group shoot then let me know, I would love for you to be part of the Planet Photo Tribe!


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  1. Love these!!!

    • Thanks! I love that they really got into the theme!

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