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Julie is embarking on a career in real estate so she contacted me about getting an updated headshot. In 2017 the headshot has transitioned into personal branding!personal branding

I found this definition to help explain the concept:

“Personal branding” is simple; it’s showing potential employers, clients and the world at large who you are and what you stand for. Let’s face it, we all take first impressions pretty seriously. In an increasingly digital age, whether you know a person or not, you probably start making assumptions about him/her long before you meet in person, and their impression is usually only solidified after you exchange names and handshakes.

personal branding

Does your headshot date back to 2001? Is your hairstyle out of date or you have lost 20 pounds since then? If you meet someone in person and they “barely recognized” you after seeing your online profile then it’s time to book an appointment for a personal branding session!

Personal Branding sessions include a styling consultation and professional make up. When you feel confident, you look confident!

We took a couple of extra shots to show off all the hard work Julie puts in at Crossfit….. wow! You look amazing.

I wish you lots of success in your real estate career Julie.

Janet xo

personal branding



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