Natural Teen Portraits

Katie in Roxbury, CT

teen portraits roxbury ct

Location scouting is something that never stops. I have my favorite spots and I challenge myself to make those look a little different for every client. But one of my favorite pass times is to drive around and find a new hidden gem for natural teen portraits. 

teen portraits roxbury ct

Katie and I were looking for those purple wild flowers. 

You know the ones I am talking about? They grow along the highway in Connecticut in early summer and we thought her Urban Outfitters dress would look so good with those. It proved harder than we thought but we found the most amazing climbing hydrangea on a shed in Roxbury and our day was made! 

Thanks for being my co-pilot Katie! The long boots were the perfect choice to avoid ticks and poison ivy (the not so pretty CT roadside attractions).

For most client shoots I like a mix of urban and natural and if a teen/senior client wants to add studio shots then we can do that too. Variety in locations, stying and attitude give the widest range of choices for final image selection. Albums are amazing for showing different sides of your personality and they are really popular for teen and senior clients but there is nothing like walking past your favorite portraits on the wall! 

The Planet Photo Tribe is a group of high school girls and guys who really love having fun and being creative. We take the time to plan and style group and themed photo shoots. I get to let my creativity go and they get some fun images for social media. If you would like to join us for our next group shoot then let me know, I would love for you to be part of the Planet Photo Tribe


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