Matrix inspired styled shoot

Sam as Trinity!

The original Matrix movie was released in 1999. We were living in Copenhagen and we saw the film at the largest movie theater in Denmark. It was pretty revolutionary at the time, and after watching it again recently, it’s amazing how impressive the effects still look. The styling for the first movie was dramatic and the long leather coats have been widely imitated. 

The Phone Booth Project recently installed a traditional pay phone on West St in New Milford.  I have been driving past it, on my way to the studio, for the last couple of months and scheming about how we could shoot around it. Sam was game to be Trinity for a Matrix inspired styled shoot, so the rest as they say is history!

matrix inspired styled shoot

Why do I do styled shoots? I LOVE the creativity of planning a styled shoot. The inspiration can come from anywhere really, in this case driving by the phone booth led to thinking of movies that featured phone booths. Of course Superman came to mind, but I have been seeing ads for the new Matrix movie and I remembered the scene when Trinity has to find a phone booth so that she can call to get out of trouble with Agent Smith. Trinity is cool and pretty bad a** so it was really fun to create Sam’s outfits for the shoot. If you haven’t seen the original movie you really should check it out! Let me know what you think in the comments. 


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