Senior Photos

Amity HS Grad - Declan

senior photos amity

Introducting Declan, a Class of 2023 Amity High School Graduate

Senior photos Amity

A last minute shopping trip and he had his second outfit. We went with a classic fall backdrop for his more formal outfit. 

Not every great portrait has to feature a smile, but let’s be honest, you know Grandma wants a more traditional shot and she wants to see eyes and teeth so we get a variety of poses to please everyone!

Declan is off to a great start at The Hartt School, a a performing arts conservatory for musicdance, and theatre in Hartford, Connecticut. He’s doing what he loves and thriving. 

Declan is the third son of some really great friends of ours so I have literally known him his whole life. It’s always fun to plan a personalized portrait session for someone I know really well. Most know Declan with a guitar in his hand and music is a huge part of his life. After playing in the pit and staying behind the scenes, he performed in his first musical in senior year and played Gaston in Beauty and the Beast. 

He wanted the look of a music video (but without the guitar!) so he showed me around at a graffiti covered abandoned factory and I loved the colors and textures. 

The Planet Photo Tribe is a group of high school girls (and guys) who really love having fun and being creative. We take the time to plan and style group and themed photo shoots. I get to let my creativity go and they get some fun images for social media. If you would like to join us for our next group shoot then let me know, I would love for you to be part of the Planet Photo Tribe!

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