Meet Linda Rey

Aurora Consulting, CT

I invited Linda Rey from Aurora Consulting to be a guest writer on the Planet Photo Blog. We met last year at a networking event and I was impressed by her desire to mix up the networking scene in New Milford. It was such a pleasure having her in the studio and I loved picking her brain and getting her perspective on personal branding and marketing! I also loved the she switched out images on her blog and started to use the images we created IMMEDIATELY! Check out her website and follow her on social media.

In Linda’s words:

In this digital age, the B word is thrown around a lot when it comes to businesses marketing their business. No, the “B” word isn’t “business” but that’s a good one too.

What’s the “B” word? You know what it is: Branding.

There are many tools available to download many, Many, MANY stock images to market your business and your brand. We can also add graphics and logos and textures to those images.  We’ve used these tools and it’s been fun. 

But, we knew we wanted to level-up our brand. We decided it was time for a professional photo shoot to focus on us as the BRAND.  We were mindful of our “brand” when presenting to the wide world of prospective clients for our business. Nothing speaks to your brand like a spectacular picture of YOU.

We knew to get to the next level, we needed Janet at Planet Photo to help create those images. Janet is a gem. She is the consummate professional, but also a creative genius when it comes to representing your brand on film. 

Her ideas are fresh and the event was fluid with changing it up so we would have a library of images as part of the marketing mission.

We wanted to create a personal connection with our prospects and clients. That’s what Janet helps to achieve.  With a personal connection, your audience of customers and clients become intimately familiar with You as the Brand.

Now, we can merge our pictures with our words.  The reaction has been instant and overwhelmingly positive.  Our audience clearly “gets the picture.”

She can’t wait to hear from you to talk about your brand possibilities. If you’re thinking about it, start talking with her so you can envision the possibilities. You’ll be so incredibly happy!

Please email Janet at or call her at 203-313-1303. 

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