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The Eyebrow Queen of Litchfield

I invited one of my personal branding clients Pilar to introduce herself on the Planet Photo Blog. We have been talking about doing new headshots for over a year but just like so many others she was nervous to do them. But we got a date on the books after she opened her own store front in our neighboring town of Washington, CT. Needless to say, we laughed and talked and had so much fun shooting her headshots and personal branding images and she left saying that it really wasn’t so bad after all….. YAY!

Wait until you see her favorite shots! And I know you are going to ask where she got that black dress, because it is amazing, so check out Doen after you finish here! I am obsessed with all their dresses.

CT headshots
CT headshots

Let me hand you over to Pilar. In her own words:

Hi Everyone!

What is beauty?

My name is Pilar DeMann and I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a new business owner. I have a beauty studio in Washington Depot and I am developing my own line of makeup for an easy, everyday routine.

Since I am in the beauty industry, I meet, touch and work with women every day. Their question, my question and perhaps yours: What is Beauty?

There is so much emphasis on our physicality. What we present to the world. What we are wearing, what our bodies look like, are we on trend- It can be intimidating, overwhelming and deflating for so many of us, from girls as young as 8 to women in their 90’s. The truth is, we all want to look good. It’s part of humanity, it’s part of nature.

I encourage my friends and clients to be their authentic selves. I think everyone is beautiful. We all have to let our unique features, style and personality shine. Happiness helps! Being positive helps. Don’t hide. Put on something that makes you feel good. For me, it’s a gold belt or animal prints and stripes – bold – bright – happy. Look at people who inspire you. Don’t compare your individuality to anyone else – you are YOU. Right now I love the singer Lizzo and I love the blogger Ricky Thompson. They inspire me to put on some lipgloss, curl my lashes and greet each day with a roar.

I can tell you what I am certain of, a little effort goes a long way. When you look your best, you feel better. Don’t hide! If you are feeling down, put on your lipgloss, find your roar – get outside and smile at people – you will see how good that little bit will make you feel.

Remember: YOU are beautiful!

ct head shots

Pilar DeMann for Pilar BLLaC
Eyebrow Queen of Litchfield
2 Green Hill Washington Depot, CT
For Bookings:

Thanks Pilar! Good luck in your new space.

If you are interested in Headshots, Personal Branding and Social Media content then give me a call. It’s really not so scary to be in front of my camera, just ask Pilar!

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