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Setting a goal and achieving it. It sounds easy right?

Janese had been training for a fitness competition so I persuaded her to join me in the studio for fitness portraits. She is a strong, beautiful woman who has her eye set on achieving peak physical condition. She’s not a career athlete and she hasn’t been training for body building competitions her whole life. She is a Mom and she set herself a goal.

Our portraits were taken a few weeks before her first competition and she was approaching her goal competition weight. Of course, she has been following a strict regimen of weight training and cardiovascular workouts. Diet is just one part of the puzzle but she has been fine tuning her macros and the results are amazing!

Fitness Portraits New Milford, CT

Fitness Portraits New Milford, CT

The results can not just be measured in the numbers on the scale or her physical appearance, her confidence has soared and she feels empowered to educate other women that they can do it too. She has many people in her corner cheering her on and she is incredibly grateful for their support but at the end of the day. Janese DID IT. She was the one who put in the hours at the gym. She said no to drinks with friends and she ate right; almost ALL the time!

I am so happy to have shown her just how amazing, strong and feminine she looks. She earned a medal in her second competition and I have a feeling she has the bug. She is already training for the next competition!

Good Luck Janese.



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