Emily is college bound!

I remember the summer between high school and college. I remember that feeling of being in limbo – you are still at home and a child in your parent’s home, but college life, independence and adventure is right around the corner. The world is literally at your feet and your future is there for the taking.  I was honored to take photos of Emily just a couple of days before she left for college. She is an outdoors kind of girl with a great sense of style and we wanted to capture that in the images we took. I cannot wait to hear some of the stories of life at college. I hope she and her family will treasure these images of this very special time.

Stacey of Blush Couture did an AMAZING job of enhancing Emily’s natural features and we went for a “beachy” casual look. Professional make-up is so important at this kind of session, Stacey understands what works best for the camera while being really conscious of making Emily still feel and look like herself. It’s easy to look washed out in pictures and it just gives something a little extra special to the experience.

Whether a senior in high school, a graduate or college bound, wouldn’t you rather have these photos than the “school required” senior pictures?

Please share with anyone you know with a senior!


Janet xo

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  1. Stunning! I’ve always known how beautiful Emily is but in these photos…WOW! The dress! Love the dress. Gorgeous photos, gorgeous girl.

    • I know right? That dress was perfect (and she had other outfits to change into) but we stuck with what was working!!!

  2. Thank you Janet for these beàutiful pictures of Emily. This was a very important milestone for Emily and for Dave and I as well. I am thrilled that we have these beautiful photographs to mark this moment in her journey. I will treasure them.

  3. I must say Stacey of Blush Couture did an amazing job with Emily’s hair and make-up. Emily looks mature and beautiful while still looking like herself. I am so happy with the outcome!

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