Milestone Portrait Photography

Greta is 6 months

I have said it before but you can hear it again…. I love the 6 month session. No stranger danger, curiosity for days, sitting up and so proud but not crawling away just yet. Six months is a portrait photographer’s dream come true. When Greta arrived in her Hannah Anderson outfit she did not disappoint – she is adorable!

Big sister Aine was on hand to catch some bubbles and entertain her baby sister, siblings ALWAYS get the babies to laugh. I don’t usually recommend a sibling to participate in the whole first birthday celebration they can distract the baby from enjoying the cake, and of course they want to get in on the action, but siblings are ALWAYS welcome for part of each milestone session.


Call now to book your milestone portrait photography session in the studio on Bank Street, New Milford CT or on location in Fairfield County, Litchfield County.

See you soon!



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