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My children are 12 and 9, I can’t believe that my kids are pre-teen already! They are getting older and the cuddles and bed time rituals of old are no longer top of their list of fun things to do with mom and dad. I certainly miss it, but at least they still have a list of fun things to do with us.  So for now, we cherish every moment of family life and don’t think about the day when we are just the dumbest adults on the face of the earth…..

Mitch and I count the years until Sam leaves for college, (usually we are panicing about the lack of college funds) but a huge part of me is panicing at the thought of them moving on and moving out. So for now, I will enjoy the craziness of homework, sports practice, revising for science tests and trying to find a movie that we all want to see at the movie theater, and I will keep sneaking my snuggles whenever I get the chance.

I wanted to you to see my inspiration, my not so willing test models, and the loves of my life. Sam and Olivia.


My kids would never forgive me if I didn’t include a couple of Penny Lane! She is a Chatham Hill Retriever and we really couldn’t imagine life with out her. She steals tissues, jumps up at anyone who comes to the door and is crazy about ice cubes but she is gentle and extremely patient with the kids and we love her.

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