Brookfield CT Family – Happy 10th Birthday Gigi!

One of my mini session clients last month was a beautiful little girl who visiting on her birthday. I have met Gigi before and she is a sweet girl with a huge smile and an eye for fashion and styling. With a little help from her step-mom Ashley she was photo ready for the first session of the day. Her Dad James? Yeah, let’s just say he was happy chilling in the giant yogibo I have in the studio with a giant cup of Starbucks in his hand! Ashley and Gigi had props with them from her birthday party the day before and I hope you agree that the photos came out great and we put those props to good use. I have a feeling that she will always remember the day she turned “double digits” but she also has a leather photo book or all her favorite images to help jog her memory.

Happy Birthday Gigi! Thanks for including me in your birthday celebration and thanks for being a great sport in the shoot – I look forward to working with you again soon 🙂

birthday shoot, balloons, lollipopsbirthday shoot, balloons, lollipopsbirthday shoot, balloons, lollipopsbirthday shoot, balloons, lollipopsbirthday shoot, balloons, lollipops

I LOVE these playful ones….. you can see that she has a twinkle in her eye and that we had so much fun!

mini session_studio photography_ planet photo_birthday shoot_lollipops_0038birthday shoot, balloons, lollipopsbirthday shoot, balloons, lollipops

See if you can spot Gigi in this post from my Raw Photo days….

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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  1. […] and James did their first session a couple of years ago and they were back for a birthday session for Gigi earlier this year, so it felt like we were just hanging out and catching up on everything […]

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