Teen Passion Portraits – Samantha

Teen Passion Portraits in the studio – Meet Samantha!

Sam is fun, bubbly, social and non-stop action kind of girl but she brings AMAZING focus and dedication to the karate mat. I wanted to show you just a little peek at both sides of her personality….

Sam trains with her Dad at Modern Self Defense and Training Center 

teen passion portraits

Teen sessions can be held at any time of year; either in the studio or on location (or both) and I love to highlight their personalities. Whether they are into dance at 10, karate at 13 and lacrosse at 16 or have had a pair of soccer cleats on since kindergarten, it doesn’t matter, everything is approached with dedication and PASSION! Capture those moments and celebrate them.

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Teen Photographer CT – Passion Portrait

Teen Photographer CT

Teen Photographer CT – Passion Portrait Lindsey

Lindsey is one of the sweetest girls I know and has been friends with my daughter since kindergarten. She has always been a dancer. She had a very brief career on the soccer field but the shoes that empower Lindsey are not soccer cleats but dance shoes. Lots of them!

Me: So pretend I know nothing about you….. What is your nickname?

Lindsey: Loops

Me: What is your favorite candy?

Lindsey: Swedish fish

Me: What would be your dream job?

Lindsey: A professional dancer 🙂

passion portrait_SMS_Studio D_dance_0001

Me: What is your biggest accomplishment so far?

Lindsey: Dancing at Carnegie Hall twice!

Me: Do you have any unusual talents?

Lindsey: I can crack my toes

Me: Ugh…. I hate that noise! Who would you most like to meet?

Lindsey: The Friends cast

Me: What three things can’t you live without?

Lindsey: My phone, my itty bittys, my cat Simba

Me: What was the last good book that you read?

Lindsey: The Fault in our stars 

Me: Such a sad movie but I haven’t read the book yet. What is a random little known fact about you?

Lindsey: I can raise one eyebrow

passion portrait_SMS_Studio D_dance_0003passion portrait_SMS_Studio D_dance_0002

Me: Nice! How would your friends describe you?

Lindsey: Crazy!

I checked with Olivia…. she agreed!

Thanks for sharing your passion with us Lindsey.

Love, Janet xo


CT Senior Photography – Meet Tony!

Planet Photo CT Senior Photography Session – Tony 2KSEVENTEEN

Tony came into the studio a couple of weeks ago with his dance bag in hand. I have known him since elementary school days and he has grown into such a handsome and well rounded young man. He is whip smart and has a great sense of humor but this is just a short introduction to his passion for dance and theater arts.

CT senior Photographer

Me:  So I think I might know the answer to this one but what is your dream job?

Tony: I want to be an actor on Broadway

senior_NMHS_dancer_fine line__0010

Me: What is your favorite place on earth?

Tony: New York City

Me: Three things you can’t leave home without?

Tony: My phone, headphones and a good book

Me: So what was the last good book that you read?

Tony: The Magicians series by Lou Grossman

Me: It looks like Harry Potter for grown ups! What is your favorite brand?

Tony: Converse

senior_NMHS_dancer_fine line__0009

Me: So your favorite thing in your closet?

Tony: I love cardigans

Me: They totally fit the NYC actor image. Who is your favorite fictional character?

Tony: Remus Lupin (I had to google that one….)

CT Senior Photography

Me: Can you share a random fact about yourself?

Tony: I love 80’s music and movies (Who doesn’t??? Breakfast Club? OMG, About Last Night? My list of favorites is endless!)

Me: How might your friends describe you?

Tony: Intelligent or funny

I am pretty sure his friends are right, but I would add a couple though….. Talented. Mature. Dedicated.

I can’t wait for the day when we are sitting in the theater and watching Tony perform on stage. He better get us good seats!!!

senior_NMHS_dancer_fine line__0012

CT Teens – Passion Portrait

hockey_passion portrait_teens_New Milford_0006

CT Teens – Passion Portrait | Charlotte

Charlotte came straight from the hockey rink with the game MVP award in her bag so she loved putting those sweaty pads back on again for portraits!!! So let me introduce you to Charlotte….

CT Teens

Me: Do you have a nickname?

Charlotte: Slider or Charbar

Me: What is your favorite Candy:

Charlotte: Twix (one of my favorites too!)

Me: What is your dream job?

Charlotte: Food Critic (I had no idea!)

Me: If you could meet anyone who would you most want to meet?

Charlotte: Nicklas Backstrom, Taylor Swift (I had to google Nicklas Backstom …..) 

hockey_passion portrait_teens_New Milford_0002

Me: Favorite thing in your closet?

Charlotte: All of my shoes (a girl after my own heart!)

Me: Favorite place on earth?

Charlotte: The Adirondacks

Me: Three things you can’t live without?

Charlotte: My hockey gear, lacrosse stick and candy!

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Charlotte: A surgeon or something with sports medicine

Me: How would your friends describe you?

Charlotte: crazy, weird, funny

I think I would choose determined, beautiful and smart.

Thanks for sharing your passion with us Charlotte!

Janet xo


hockey_passion portrait_teens_New Milford_0003hockey_passion portrait_teens_New Milford_0004