Winter Wonderland Model Tribe Shoot Dikes Point New Milford

Winter Wonderland – Planet Photo Tribe

Winter portraits

We finally got snow! And lots of it…… so time for some winter portraits!

I met a few of the girls from the Planet Photo Tribe out on the shores of Candlewood Lake to have some fun in the snow. Dikes Point is stunning year round. It is the perfect vantage point to appreciate the fall colors and summer boat rides, but on this day the lake was smooth and as calm as could be. Candlewood Lake is usually a great winter destination for ice fisherman, ice skaters and daring snow mobile rides but not this year….. the lake has yet to totally freeze. As everyone keeps saying, it’s early yet, we could still have a lot more snow and many more days of freezing temperatures. I guess you just have to be careful what you wish for!

Winter portraitsWinter portraitsWinter portraits

Thanks to Avery, Kaitlyn, Olivia and Sam for braving the cold and sharing a hot chocolate with me at the lake!

Stay warm!

Janet xo

Some of the group concept shoots are planned out in advance and some are added last minute to take advantage of a particular situation. A combination of 12 inches of fresh powder snow and 40 degree weather meant that we HAD to go out and shoot so  this was a last minute add-on for the Planet Photo Tribe! Check back for our next group shoot.



We Are The SEEN – Finalist

We are the SEEN – Finalist Tony Harkin

You might have seen some of my recent posts about the We are the SEEN competition. I am sure some of you have been asking yourself, what’s the big deal? Well, let me tell you!

This year I joined a group of renowned senior photographers so that I could offer something extra special to Planet Photo Seniors; the chance to be featured in a national senior magazine and take part in an editorial fashion shoot in California. My Planet Photo Tribe Seniors are invited to submit an application and Tony was interested in applying. Next year I will be offering the We are the SEEN competition application as part of my Headline Senior Sessions.

It’s not just about the images (although don’t get me wrong, designing a session for submission is a really fun part of the process!) but each applicant must tell their story; why other seniors would want to see and read about them in the We are the SEEN magazine. What makes them unique? What makes them different?

This year there were over 800 applicants from all over the United States. Tony was a finalist. That’s the big deal. We’ll be doing something to celebrate his success in the new year, maybe our own shootout in New York city….. He won’t be traveling with me to Palm Springs as one of the “12 Undiscovered” but I am still incredibly proud of his achievement in the competition and throughout the year as part of the Planet Photo Tribe.janettaub-tonyharkin-compcardblog

I want to share Tony’s comp card and some of the other images we submitted with his application and I am including his story for you too.

“As I began to write this essay, I glanced around my bedroom. I had been attempting to come up with ideas for the better part of an hour, and was left with basically nothing. My eyes flitted about the room, and I realized that from my vantage point, the items I saw defined my whole life, my interests, hopes, and past. My 17 years of life were encapsulated in this collection of eclectic objects
One of the first things you see when you enter my room are my bookcases. I have two, one against a wall, one in my closet. Both are packed tightly with my books, as I personally own and treasure over 100 books. The books traverse all genres, authors, and eras, from Harry Potter to Stephen Hawking, with some Bertrand Russell and Shakespeare in the middle. I’ve always tried to learn as much as I could, and I love learning new trivia and facts, even or especially when they seem meaningless. This helped me a lot when I was 12, because I ended up getting on the show Kids Jeopardy (yes the real one, with Alex Trebek and all). Here my head for trivia really payed off, because I ended up winning. That love for knowledge continued. A few years ago, I got a question about the capital city of Madagascar wrong, and to better myself, I memorized every country’s capital, from Abu Dhabi to Zagreb. I always want to be as informed as possible, to help myself try to make a valid contribution to this world we live in.
My eyes slid past my bookcases and landed on my desk. I have a giant wooden desk that dominates the space, and currently it’s covered with college application materials. As a soon to be graduating senior, most of my free time is spent trying to figure out where the next 4 years of my life are going to be spent. Right now, I’m trying to attend Columbia University, my favorite college in my favorite city. Columbia has one of the best academic pedigrees available, while being in the largest city in the US, surrounded by theaters, museums, and restaurants. The only other major object on my desk is my record player. It was a gift last Christmas, and I use it nearly daily. I always need to have music playing in the background when I am trying to do homework. My music collection is almost as eclectic as my reading choices. My parents instilled me with an appreciation for the classics, so there is a healthy amount of artists like the Beatles and Billy Joel, but I also love newer artists that release work on vinyl, such as Jack Garratt and Raleigh Ritchie.
Currently on my floor is my dance bag. For 10 years I have danced daily, for multiple hours, in ballet, jazz, tap, and acrobatics. I am lucky enough to have a phenomenal studio in my town that has managed to grant me some element of grace. My friends, passions, and future have all been defined by dance. Tap and acro gave a formerly nervous, fidgety kid an outlet for his explosive energy. Jazz helped me communicate my meaning, and ballet imbued me with strength. Possibly most importantly, they helped me realize that when I am older, I want to be a performer. Most of all, I want to be in musical theatre, perhaps one day even on Broadway. I haven’t been able to find anything that gives me the unbridled joy of performing, and hope to do it all my life.
My eyes complete their journey about the room and end on my mirror. For a moment I stare at my reflection. It’s the end of the day, so I’m wearing glasses over my tired eyes. My messy brown hair is tousled over my eyes, and I’m in a comically large brown sweater. Something clicks in my brain. I was supposed to write about my story, but my story is never ending. As long as I take my breath, my story will be evolving. I can not wait to see where it takes me next.”
Tony Harkin, November 2016


we are the seen

Do you want to be one of the We are the SEEN 12?

I will be starting a new round on Planet Photo models in the spring, let me know if you want to hear how you can be part of the 2KEIGHTEEN Senior and Teen tribes. All of my Senior Tribe along with Headline Seniors get the opportunity to enter the competition. I don’t know where the final shootout will be next year yet but I can guarantee it will be an experience you will never forget.

Contact me for more information!

Janet xo


NMHS Senior Evan – Class of 2017

NMHS Senior Evan

Class of 2017

It was so fun planning NMHS Senior Evan’s portrait session. He had a couple of ideas for outfits and he really wanted to incorporate some familiar locations around New Milford, his hometown, into his shoot. He is a great athlete and is looking at schools with lacrosse programs but he knows that the courses matter most; he will need a good college education and he is driven to achieve that. I will let you know when he decides where the next stage will take place.

If you know New Milford then you know Bank St. Here is Evan at the newly renovated United Bank Building – 19 Main.

NMHS Senior

Evan has done a couple of shoots with me and you may remember he is also part of the Planet Photo team. Check out his lacrosse passion portrait from earlier this year. He got his headshot for the yearbook but see how many backgrounds he chose for his senior pictures! It is not too late to book your customized senior portrait session.

NMHS SeniorNMHS SeniorNMHS SeniorNMHS Senior

New Milford Senior Photography, CT Seniors, CT Senior Portraits


Back to School Fashion 2016

Back To School Fashion Trends 2016

The Planet Photo Tribe at New Milford High School

Back to School in CT is the end of August so usually too hot for the fall fashion trends but for many middle and high schoolers planning out their outfits for the first week of school is what they look forward to the most!

So what can you expect to see in the classrooms this fall and winter?

Here are some of the Planet Photo model tribe with some of their favorite fall looks.

Long sweaters and cardigans seem to be everywhere and they are the cozy, wrap around your body style. Perfect with jeans or leggings but also adorable with a dress or skirt. Olivia paired her cardigan with jeans and Belle can extend her summer dress into fall by pairing it with a sundress and boots.

Military jackets, bomber jackets and khaki green seems to have found its way into a lot of fall wardrobes. I haven’t seen much camo but lots of military inspired looks. Olivia rocked the bomber jacket and Taylor dressed up her simple khaki green T shirt with cute accessories and a denim shirt around her waist for cooler days.


Sam and Avery look adorable in lightweight sweaters, with colored jeans and a summer dress and Belle’s wearing a long cardigan with raspberry colored jeans.


Look for pinks, purples, reds and mix them up!back_to_school_fall_2016_model_tribe_0006Back_to_school_2016

Cozy flannel shirts paired with jeans or shorts are perfect for fall. Avery proves that layering is always in style!back_to_school_fall_2016_model_tribe_0008
Overalls are back, relaxed and unbuttoned on one side for a casual look.

What’s new with shoes?….. try metallic, vans or retro styled sneakers. Boot season will be upon us before we know it.

Look for denim and faux suede, skirts, dresses or pants – you can’t go wrong.

Thanks to Taylor, Sam, Belle, Olivia and Avery of the Planet Photo Tribe for a great shoot! The clothes featured were a combination of the girls own with a selection of the 2016 American Eagle fall collection. Marshalls had the great long cozy sweaters and bomber jacket.

Have a great year girls!

Janet xo

Graduation Portrait session with Devin

Taking Sides

– A Graduation Portrait Session with Devin

Have you ever considered how light can affect your perception of a situation, how film makers set the scene by manipulation the light? Dark, moody, dramatic, romantic, harsh, bright, airy, soft, golden, broad, short. The list is far longer than I have listed but a photographer is also able to use this lighting bag of tricks to convey feeling and meaning in an image.graduation portraits
graduation portraitsgraduation portraitsgraduation portraitsgraduation portraitsgraduation portraitsgraduate_newtown_fairfield hills_ct_broad-light-short_light_0007Devin_graduate_newtown_ct_fairfield_county_0002

This portrait series of Devin was part of a lighting challenge to use broad and short light.  She is an intelligent and confident young woman about to embark on a new chapter in her life. College life awaits her in the fall but this summer is a time to celebrate her transition; her past, her present and her very exciting future. I can’t wait to hear what the future has in store for this exceptional woman.


Oh by the way……Devin and I were chosen as part of the We are the SEEN master series #bestofthebest, so head over to see us and other examples of broad and short light from some of the leading senior photographers nation wide. I am constantly challenging myself to grow my photography skills and to offer a unique and modern portrait experience for my clients.

Make Up – Blush Couture

July 4th – Newtown CT Photography

July 4th Patriotic Model Shoot!

Newtown CT Photography

We headed to Newtown CT for our red, white and blue shoot. The model tribe had a blast with the shoot and then we stayed together for a picnic and they got to hang out a bit longer at a beautiful park in Newtown. The styling on this one was pretty simple; “Patriotic Americana” and they said it was their favorite so far, although they seem to say that after every group shoot……

The Edmond Town Hall movie theater is like a blast from the past, if you live close enough to check it out you should!

Thanks to our models, Taylor, Bailey, Sam, Olivia T, Tony, Olivia R., Lindsey, Payton, Avery and Meg!


Enjoy the images in time for July 4th. I may not have given up my British passport yet but I love this holiday and I am lucky to have my birthday this weekend so I almost always get fireworks on my birthday! Have a safe and fun weekend with your families and friends!




Danbury Fair Mall – CT Seniors

Danbury Fall Mall Carnival – CT Seniors

Bailey is one of my 2KSEVENTEEN tribe and she brought along a couple of friends – Lucy and Maddy, to hang out at the carnival at the Danbury Fair Mall. The mall takes it’s name from the historical Danbury Fair, it started as an agricultural fair in the 1800’s and the mall was built on the fairgrounds in the early 80’s.


Bailey was celebrating one year of being cancer free that night (actually the real anniversary was the day before but she was helping at a car wash fund raiser all day). She does not want her cancer battle to define her story; there is so much more to this young woman than that, she is smart, funny, a talented dancer and a good friend, but we joked about celebrating with a photoshoot and cotton candy none the less!

CT SeniorsCT SeniorsCT SeniorsDanbury CT seniors

It was fun to incorporate the lights and craziness of the carnival into the shots with the girls and they did a great job. Part of a senior session is choosing a location that represents a part of your personality. If you want to invite friends along for support then we can talk about that too!

Congratulations to Bailey.

I am proud to have such a strong young woman on my team.

Janet xo





Beautiful girls! Newtown CT Photography

Look at the beautiful girls in

the Planet Photo Model tribe!

Newtown CT Photography

Newtown CT Photography

When I first met some of the girls in our team we talked about our group shoots and tossed around some themes and ideas. The flower crown super girlie theme was a winner with this group! I mean really, who doesn’t want to have really pretty make up, amazing boho hair and wear a dress and a flower crown. I know, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but the goal here is to show you possibilities for your own teen or senior session and we had a blast with this one.

Newtown CT PhotographyNewtown CT PhotographyNewtown CT Photography

I wanted to keep the look in the pastel family and I had some help from Lindsey’s mom making crowns. If I am being completely honest, she was much better than me and I begged her to stay longer and make just one more crown before she had to leave…. but we made it and I have to say I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. We found a great Nature Place in Newtown and that was our backdrop. We could see a huge progression in the girls feeling comfortable in front of the camera since that first model shoot and they totally blew me away with their group posing, I can’t wait to see what these girls achieve over the year!

Newtown CT PhotographyNewtown CT PhotographyNewtown CT PhotographyNewtown CT PhotographyNewtown CT Photography

So, thanks to Caty, Katelyn, Olivia T, Olivia R, Sam and Audrey for being our models and of course, Stacey of Blush Couture for make up and Meagan of Meagan Jones Hair for amazingly creative hair styling.



We are the SEEN – Olivia and Avery BE SEEN

We are the SEEN –

One Light Challenge


Be Unique. Be present. Be creative. Show your personality. Be different. Be SEEN!

Planet Photo is proud to be part of a national group of photographers showcasing the stories of “the Undiscovered” Do you have a story to tell?

Each month I will be shooting a different theme; it could be a style, a photographic technique or a specific location but a selection of the images will be submitted for publication in the SEEN Magazine. SEEN Magazine is a style + culture magazine for a new generation of the Undiscovered. At the end of the year 12 models are chosen by the We are the SEEN team for a location shoot with the very best senior photographers from all over the country.

Olivia and Avery modeled on this month’s challenge – one light source. I will be working with the 2KSEVENTEEN Planet Photo model team to create these monthly challenges. There are limited spots available on the team for High School Seniors, the teen program is full for the 2016-2017 season but I am booking teen sessions.

Do you want to BE SEEN?


Be the first to know

* indicates required


We_are_the_seenNew Milford_urban_studio_Planet_photo_tribe_0003We_are_the_seenWe_are_the_seenNew Milford_urban_studio_Planet_photo_tribe_0008We_are_the_seenWe_are_the_seenWe_are_the_seen

Make Up

Blush Couture

New Haven – Coachella Styled Shoot!

The Planet Photo Tribe in New Haven for a

Coachella styled shoot!New_Haven_Model_group_Planet_photo_tribe_wooster square_0001

I have always wanted to shoot in Wooster Square in New Haven on one of the very few days that the trees are blossoming and the weather cooperates. A festival in the square at the weekend narrowed down our options and spring break meant that lots of the model team were out of town but on the last day we managed to pull together a road trip. We decided on a Coachella styled shoot, festival goers caught on a spring day. I loved seeing how everyone interpreted the style and I think the Coachella theme will continue to be popular for senior sessions for 2016-2017, it lends itself to lots of different locations. This is the time to express your personality and interests and to capture them forever. Don’t forget you get to change your outfit as many times as you want with all the Planet Photo Senior Session options!

New_Haven_Model_group_Planet_photo_tribe_wooster square_0005New_Haven_Model_group_Planet_photo_tribe_wooster square_0006New_Haven_Model_group_Planet_photo_tribe_wooster square_0004New_Haven_Model_group_Planet_photo_tribe_wooster square_0003New_Haven_Model_group_Planet_photo_tribe_wooster square_0002

Needless to say we had a blast and ended the shoot with a trip to Pepes arguably the best pizza in New Haven and then onto Libby’s for Italian pastries. Thank you to our Planet Photo tribe: Tony, Meg, Lindsey, Payton, Taylor and Avery

New_Haven_Model_group_Planet_photo_tribe_wooster square_0009Coachella Inspired Shoot

New_Haven_Model_group_Planet_photo_tribe_wooster square_0007