The Edge Revolution – 8 Week Challenge

I know…. I am a children and family photographer so what is all this about??? I just had to share some of the background shots of this amazing event!

The Edge Fitness Club asked me document the transformations of clients in their annual Revolution 8 Week Challenge. Despite blizzards, (almost) record breaking snow accumulations and hazardous road conditions for the start of the competition that is exactly what I did. The Revolution is not just about weight loss, nor hours in the gym, but about a true understanding of what it takes to commit to a new way of eating and a regular exercise regimen. Success is not only measured in pounds lost on the scale, but inches of change and percentage points of fat loss. I got to hang out with Greg the Revolution Guru and pick his brain about his diet recommendations for me, and I have to give him credit for giving me the tools to jump start my metabolism and get me out of a diet rut. He knew his stuff and he is a natural born teacher – he made it soooo easy to understand. I am a believer. I am a Paleo convert.

All joking aside though, who could resist trying out the body fat ultra sound machine????? They measured three areas of your body (for women it was the tricep, next to the belly button and just above the hip bone) and took an average to give a really accurate measurement of body fat. Most competitors saw a reduction in inches, pounds and fat percentage points and most importantly they gained the tools to carry it on afterwards. Even I lost weight and a couple of percentage points of body fat – – not bad for an 8 week challenge!

Congratulations to all who participated. See you at the finale!

I wonder if they will have confetti…..?

I hope I don’t cry when they announce the winner…..