CT Photographer – A basket full of puppies

CT Photographer – A basket full of puppies

Hank, Herman, Helen, Heaven, Harpo, Henry, Hugo, Houston, Hannah and Harley.

Ten newborn puppies for five and a half weeks.

It takes a special kind of family to take on the responsibility of caring for a litter of TEN puppies (and Bahama, the mom) and then send them on their way for further training with Guiding Eyes for the Blind. This Connecticut family decided to do just that and what an experience it has been. The day I met them they were down to eight. One of the puppies (Hannah) was not gaining enough weight, so Hannah went back to the breeder to get some specialized attention and Harley went along to keep her company. We had a rotating supply of sleepy puppies to choose from and it turned into a fun and active “newborn” shoot! The biggest difference of course was that when they woke up they just walked over and started licking the camera or my hand.

Once one puppy figured out how to get out the box then the others picked it up really fast.

Claire is four and an accomplished puppy wrangler. She told me all about the routine and of course she had her favorite – Helen.

When our sleepy puppy woke up we traded it out for another one! But by the end of the session all eight were tired and ready for a nap.

Ideally each puppy should be massaged three times a day to keep them relaxed and also get them used to human touch and contact.

Megan explained that most of them like it and once they get into it they usually fall asleep by the end of their message session.

Puppy yin and yang.