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We are the SEEN –

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Be Unique. Be present. Be creative. Show your personality. Be different. Be SEEN!

Planet Photo is proud to be part of a national group of photographers showcasing the stories of “the Undiscovered” Do you have a story to tell?

Each month I will be shooting a different theme; it could be a style, a photographic technique or a specific location but a selection of the images will be submitted for publication in the SEEN Magazine. SEEN Magazine is a style + culture magazine for a new generation of the Undiscovered. At the end of the year 12 models are chosen by the We are the SEEN team for a location shoot with the very best senior photographers from all over the country.

Olivia and Avery modeled on this month’s challenge – one light source. I will be working with the 2KSEVENTEEN Planet Photo model team to create these monthly challenges. There are limited spots available on the team for High School Seniors, the teen program is full for the 2016-2017 season but I am booking teen sessions.

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Newtown CT Photographer – Erin

Happy Birthday Erin!

Three is a wonderful age. Filled with wonder, excitement, new experiences and expanded knowledge.

Erin has the sweetest voice with those little lispy words that you never want to correct – she’ll grow out of them all too soon, but for the moment it is so fun to hear them. Some days she wants to be Elsa and other days she is a mermaid but every day she is a totally adorable little peanut. We went for a walk in the woods and looked for ducks (but didn’t find any this time) and we made a quick stop on the side of the road for a field of wild flowers. It seemed like the perfect setting and she was an absolute trooper, even though some of the flowers were almost as tall as her!!

Happy Birthday to sweet Erin!

newtown CT Photographernewtown CT Photographernewtown CT PhotographerCT_photographer_birthday_wildflowers_flowercrown_0003

Do you remember Erin’s newborn session? Was that really three years ago?

Birthday portraits can be in the studio, with or without other family members and we can incorporate the interests of the child to make it fun, relaxed and natural. I had a great time walking and talking with Erin and she loved taking photos every now and again too! That’s a perfect session in my book.

Janet xo



Teen Photographer CT – Passion Portrait

Teen Photographer CT

Teen Photographer CT – Passion Portrait Lindsey

Lindsey is one of the sweetest girls I know and has been friends with my daughter since kindergarten. She has always been a dancer. She had a very brief career on the soccer field but the shoes that empower Lindsey are not soccer cleats but dance shoes. Lots of them!

Me: So pretend I know nothing about you….. What is your nickname?

Lindsey: Loops

Me: What is your favorite candy?

Lindsey: Swedish fish

Me: What would be your dream job?

Lindsey: A professional dancer 🙂

passion portrait_SMS_Studio D_dance_0001

Me: What is your biggest accomplishment so far?

Lindsey: Dancing at Carnegie Hall twice!

Me: Do you have any unusual talents?

Lindsey: I can crack my toes

Me: Ugh…. I hate that noise! Who would you most like to meet?

Lindsey: The Friends cast

Me: What three things can’t you live without?

Lindsey: My phone, my itty bittys, my cat Simba

Me: What was the last good book that you read?

Lindsey: The Fault in our stars 

Me: Such a sad movie but I haven’t read the book yet. What is a random little known fact about you?

Lindsey: I can raise one eyebrow

passion portrait_SMS_Studio D_dance_0003passion portrait_SMS_Studio D_dance_0002

Me: Nice! How would your friends describe you?

Lindsey: Crazy!

I checked with Olivia…. she agreed!

Thanks for sharing your passion with us Lindsey.

Love, Janet xo


Portrait Photographer CT – Birthday Celebration!

Portrait Photographer CT – Happy 1st Birthday Aine!

I remember planning my children’s 1st birthday celebrations. It is a milestone for them but also for us parents….. we survived the first year of parenthood! One year olds are a dream to photograph and so fun to be around but we have to keep the pace moving because this time of intense exploration means that they are on the go during every waking moment. Aine was walking but she could still use a helping hand from Mom and her Grandma and I hope that image of their helping hands will become one they treasure.

I divide the birthday celebration session into 3 stages: the portraits, the cake and the tub. I have so many favorites from this session it was almost impossible to pick, but one of my very favorite images of 2015 is the first one in the sequence. I love the intensity of Aine’s stare and it was one of her family’s favorites too so I think we captured her in that one. You can see just how much she has grown over the year by checking out her newborn and sitting sessions. I hope to see her and her family again soon.

Happy 1st Birthday Aine!

Janet xo

Portrait Photographer CT

Portrait Photographer CTPortrait Photographer CTPortrait Photographer CT

Family Photographer New Milford – Almost a big brother!

Family Photographer New Milford – AJ is almost a big brother!

It was the end of the school year for New Milford Teacher of the Year Jen but we managed to find a time to take some family portraits of AJ right before he became a big brother. Jen and I have know each other a while now, she was both Sam and Olivia’s 3rd grade teacher at Hill and Plain School and still one of the teachers that all others are measured against. We joke that Sam still uses some of the learning techniques he learned in her class! It was while Olivia was with her that she got married and we are all so excited to watch her growing family.

A.J is a blond cutie who is starting to be really chatty. He loves his Swedish fish but you can already see how much he loves his Daddy. One of our favorites images of the day was the moment he realized that Daddy had arrived at the park – those are the expressions you can’t coax out of a child, they have to just come spontaneously.

Congratulations to Jen and Adam on your growing family!

Janet xo

Family photographer New MilfordFamily photographer New MilfordFamily photographer New MilfordFamily photographer New MilfordFamily Photographer New Milford – AJ is almost a big brother!

Family photographer New Milford




New Milford CT – Sullivan Farm Family Photography Session

New Milford CT – Sullivan Farm Family Photography Session

I first met Kristina and Mike at the New Milford Tennis and Swim Club, our kids were little and setting up camp pool side was the easiest and most fun way to pass the summer. We would arrive and the kids would find the group their age and just jump right in, no formal play dates, no marathon texting sessions to see who was going and no stress.  I kind of miss those summers to be honest!

Now we are more likely to bump into them on the sidelines of a Bulls Football field or a cheer competition but the easy conversation flows and we are soon caught up. I had been talking to Kristina about family portraits and we never managed to book in advance but one day the stars aligned, it was Kristina’s birthday and they would be getting ready to celebrate that so why not just meet a little earlier and capture the smiles and love of this sweet family? We chose Sullivan Farm for it’s convenience and it’s beauty, it is a reminder of the farm town that New Milford was and a thriving part of the town today with maple syrup and a farm stand offering fresh and locally grown produce.

Family Photography

I always try to capture some individual portraits on my family sessions and love the images of Mike and Kristina alone – when was the last time you did that?

Family Photography Session_Sullivan Farm CT

Family Photography Session_Sullivan Farm CTMike is a survivor. Please take a look at his Relay for Life Fundraising page to make a donation to his #purplezebra team. He is raising money and awareness for a rare of cancer called dedifferentiated liposarcoma. Sarcomas make up only 1% of adult cancers but are 15% of childhood cancers. It is difficult to correctly diagnose and equally challenging to treat.

Family Photography Session_Sullivan Farm CT

sullivan farm_relay for life_new milford_ct-family_0004sullivan farm_relay for life_new milford_ct-family_0005sullivan farm_relay for life_new milford_ct-family_0006

New Milford Photographer – Brody!

New Milford Photographer – Brody Sitting Session!

Brody is a mellow dude, so of course we had fun taking some shots of him sitting and playing in the studio. His big sister Avery was on hand to help out and we had a little assisted walk around outside because it was such a beautiful day. He is mobile in a big way now, so next time won’t be quite as easy! Avery and my daughter Olivia have been friends since Kindergarden and they are already planning Brody’s 1st birthday celebration shoot. I am sure they have a pinterest board in the making with brain storming ideas for cakes and decorations so stay tuned for images of that!

Brody was around 7 months when we did this session and he was about 10 days old when I did newborn photos of him. I think it is clear that it is the same child but isn’t that blond hair amazing now – what a cutie! Next time you see Amber then check out an image she has of Avery at around the same age …….. twins!!!

If you are thinking of doing a milestone package then you still have the flexibility to choose a good time for your child – they are all very different! The sitting but not crawling phase can be oh so very short for some, but it does provide some great opportunities for portraits. My son Sam was content to sit for months (as long as we passed him toys and generally kept him entertained). Olivia on the other hand was in a rush to get to the next phase – she seemed to sit still for a day or two and then moved on to crawling!

These stages are so fleeting and it is so important to capture them all while you can.

We love you Brodster!

raw photo design babyraw photo design babyraw photo design baby

CT Newborn Photographer – a precious little girl

CT Newborn Photographer – a precious little girl

Some babies are just born beautiful. This is most definitely one of the most beautiful baby girls you could imagine.

She was so alert. her clear blue eyes watched me as I took my photos with a wisdom and understanding that was uncanny in a newborn. She is destined for great things I am sure.

Planet Photo newborn_alert and awakePlanet Photo newborn_alert and awakePlanet Photo newborn_alert and awake

“Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains”

I like to hold newborn sessions in my studio – I keep it a “balmy” 85 degrees and I have all the props on hand to make the session go as smooth as possible. You get to relax while I create images of your baby. Ideally we would schedule the shoot between 4 and 10 days but all babies are different and there really is no magic formula. Growth spurts and cluster feedings happen during those first few weeks so we work around them. Sessions are baby led and can take anywhere from 2-3 hours.



Photographer – Orange CT

Family Photographer – Orange CT

This cheeky little guy from Ohio is visiting his cousins in Connecticut. Wesley is having a blast hanging with his family and playing with the dogs, although I heard the haircut probably won’t be making his top ten favorites list……

The fall is a perfect time for family photos. The light is spectacular and it is so nice to not be suffering from the crazy summer humidity!!!

Photographer - orange ct

If you are thinking of a fall session then book soon – there is only limited availability at this busy time of year. Mini sessions are coming up on October 5th and 18th.

New Milford Family Photographer

New Milford Family Photographer – At Hunt Hill Farm (the Silo)

I thought I was busy with two children!!! We have been trying to schedule this shoot since the spring but this family has some talented athletes and soccer championship games seemed to appear every time we made a plan to get together! The stars aligned this past weekend though and it was worth the wait.

Hunt Hill Farm in New Milford was the perfect backdrop for our session and there was some nice shade from the record breaking Connecticut fall temperatures. The kids were great and I was bowled over by the joy and love they share for their youngest brother Conner. I am sure there are days when they don’t all get along 🙂 but they were a great bunch of kids and an absolute credit to their parents. There are more to come but here is a little taste of this wonderful local family.



New Milford Family Photographer


Conner was fascinated by the lens on my camera and kept trying to look into it!

New Milford Family Photographer

The black and white seems to really work here – what do you think?

New Milford Family PhotographerNew Milford Family Photographer