Tribe Concept Photo Shoot

One of the benefits of being part of the Planet Photo Tribe is that I invite them to be part of concept shoots, it might be a technical aspect of photography or just something cool that I want to experiment with. This shoot was a shooting challenge from Seniors Ignite, to use gels creatively in a photo shoot. I enlisted Olivia and Avery to help me out and we ventured out of the studio into the alleyways of New Milford 🙂

You are probably asking yourself, What is a gel?

“A color gel or color filter , also known as lighting gel or simply gel, is a transparent colored material that is used in theater, event production, photography, videography and cinematography to color light and for color correction.”

That might be the actual definition but what it really translates to is another AMAZING photography trick to make portraits different and to convey a mood in an unconventional way. I love warm tones but I have to say I actually prefer the look of the cooler blue gel.

I guess I should also mention that Avery and Olivia were featured on the Seniors Ignite Master Series  Welcome to the Best of the Best! Avery was a master of the hair flip which is not as easy as it looks. I am so proud of the whole 2K17 Tribe, they have been a great group to work and collaborate with. If you are still thinking about joining the 2K18 Planet Photo Tribe time is running out and enrollment is closing SOON!




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