Senior Portraits

Class of 24 - it's your turn!

Senior portraits are an important milestone for high school seniors, marking the end of their academic journey and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. These portraits serve as a lasting memento of their high school years, capturing their unique personality, style, and achievements.

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In addition to capturing a student’s personality and achievements, senior portraits also serve as a way for students to connect with their family and friends. These portraits are often displayed in homes, shared on social media, and included in graduation announcements, allowing students to share their accomplishments with loved ones near and far.

As time passes and memories fade, these portraits will always be there to remind students of the challenges they overcame, the friendships they made, and the accomplishments they achieved. 


Senior portraits provide a sense of closure to the high school experience. After four years of hard work, late-night studying, and extracurricular activities, senior portraits offer a chance to celebrate all that students have accomplished and to commemorate their achievements in a tangible way.

High school is a time of self-discovery, and senior portraits offer a chance to showcase a student’s unique personality and style. From the choice of clothing and accessories to the location and background, senior portraits allow students to express their creativity and create a unique representation of themselves.

Rising seniors this is your sign that it’s YOUR turn to be in the spotlight. 

We design your senior session to reflect who you are. We plan the styling and location around you and I love to help with this process!

Ask the class of 2023 just how busy this last semester has been….. get your portraits done this summer so that you can use them for grad announcements and invitations next year. 

You’ll be busy with college applications before you know it and this amazing, exciting, senior year will fly by. 

I’ll make sure we capture it with portraits you LOVE! 


Be the star of your photoshoot

What's your style?

Natural,Urban or Studio or a combination?

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