Project Beauty 2023

Natural Black and White Portraits

Project Beauty was created in 2017 by a fellow photographer, Thomas Nguyen, with the goal to redefine what true beauty is. The idea was to create portraits that were 100% authentic — no make-up, no retouching — Just you and the lens.

Project Beauty was outside in 2020 (for obvious reasons!) but we will be back at the Planet Photo Studio this year. 

Join me in celebrating natural beauty!

So often teens are bombarded with imagery of what society perceives as beautiful. While this culture has always been around, social media has only amplified this effect and it has put this in the forefront of our teens’ daily lives. With Project Beauty, our goal is to bring natural, true beauty to the forefront of everyone’s social media and bring attention to the fact that teens do not need to look a certain way in order to be accepted by their peers and fit in. 

Our mission: redefine how beauty is depicted on social media and to photograph teens with no makeup and no retouching. The result are images that allow these teens to walk away feeling more confident, empowered than before and showcase what true beauty really is.

What do I need to know?

Who can sign up?

Anyone and everyone between the ages of 11 and 18!

All are invited to join the movement to celebrate natural beauty. In the past it’s been mostly girls but I am not going to say no to the boys!

What should I wear?

I want the emphasis to be solely on you, so please choose a white or black top and denim on the bottom. 

How much does it cost?


50% of the proceeds will be donated to The Center for Empowerment and Education in Danbury. 

Who are The Center?

Since 1975 they have been serving the needs of individuals, families, and the community with prevention, crisis intervention and support services with regard to domestic violence, sexual assault and other major life crises.

Can I include my family?

Unfortunately not for this one. This shoot is about our local teens. Teen aged siblings or friends can book a time slot next to yours and I will try to also photograph you together. 

What do I get?

You will get an app with FIVE social media sized files. Full resolution and additional images are available for purchase. 

Where will we shoot?

At The Bleachery in New Milford, CT.

We’ll shoot in the Planet Photo studio and in and around The Bleachery. 


Let's tell your story

can't wait to meet you!

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