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50 over 50 2022 Edition

Luciana Ryan

Meet the participants of the 50 over 50 Portrait Experience 2022 Edition. 

In their own words……

Strong. Courageous. Blessed.

  1. Yes, last November 2021 I started with menopause.

  3. Never stop believing in yourself and grow.

  4. I want them to know everything is possible when you believe in your dreams.

  5. I am Brazilian, my fathers parents were from Italy.

  6. Raising my children.

  7. Of myself and my kids.

  8. Peace. 

  9. I moved from Brazil 20 years ago with 2 small under the age of 6, coming to look for the American dream. I went through a lot, I love to give my testimony, to tell you everything is possible when you have faith and believe on yourself. My difficulties made me and my kids stronger, we faced so many things together, and today I can say we win every obstacle together. I love to tell you my story to motivate a lot of people.

The Stories behind the faces

Each subject has a unique story to share – find all the stories in our exclusive magazine

The 50 over 50 PORTRAIT Magazine

Everyone has a story. The Planet Photo Portrait Magazine features the participants of the 2022 Portrait Experience and a little about each participant; their dreams, their real life stories and the experiences that shaped them.

Portrait experience

Join me on a fun and incredible adventure