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50 over 50 2022 Edition

Lori Federowicz

Meet the participants of the 50 over 50 Portrait Experience 2022 Edition. 

In their own words……

Mother. Partner. Fortunate.

  1. I would say being in my 50’s has made me reflective on my life. I am definitely focusing on all the wonderful things and people in my life and having gratitude for all.

  2. I would say enjoy the place you are at in your life it is always changing and you can’t go back.  

  3. Hopefully a woman who is happy and content with where she is in her life and with herself.

  4. I was raised by a single mother who worked really hard to provide opportunities for her kids. She made sure we all were raised to be self sufficient and motivated. I am very grateful for her sacrifice and support.

    A midwesterner born and raised and that sensibility doesn’t  leave you no matter how long or far you live from the Midwest. 


  5. I am a terrible procrastinator. I work on it but I don’t think I will ever cure myself.

    Self doubt is another challenge for me

  6. Definitely my children 💕

    What an honor to raise children watch them grow and develop into adults.

  7. I love walks and hiking. 

  8. I love true crime podcasts. I listen to them constantly.

The Stories behind the faces

Each subject has a unique story to share – find all the stories in our exclusive magazine

The 50 over 50 PORTRAIT Magazine

Everyone has a story. The Planet Photo Portrait Magazine features the participants of the 2022 Portrait Experience and a little about each participant; their dreams, their real life stories and the experiences that shaped them.

Portrait experience

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