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50 over 50 2022 Edition

Laura Jensen

Meet the participants of the 50 over 50 Portrait Experience 2022 Edition. 

In their own words……

Confident. Passionate. Motivated.

  1. Yes, much to my delight, I noticed that I wasn’t old like I thought turning 50 would be.  I started to plan for the new chapter in my life and take on other challenges career-wise, like getting my real estate license.  I also started to focus much more on my appearance and taking care of how I looked, not for other people, but for myself .  It made me happy to see that I could still look young beyond 50.    ‘

  2. I would advise my younger self to stop worrying about what others think about her, that their opinions of her matter a lot less than her own opinion of herself.  I’d also tell her to let things go, be easier about grudges and don’t hold on to anger.

  3. I would hope that someone in the future finding my picture would see my integrity.  I would want them to know that I’ve weathered some storms in my life and I would hope that when they look into my eyes they would have a window to my soul . 

    Also, I’d love for them to think, hey, she’s got no wrinkles?

  4. I come from a big Italian family.  My paternal grandmother came from a very close-knit family of 10 children.  My maternal grandparents were born in Italy. My parents grew up in the Bronx and remained there for many years, which is where I was born.      

  5.  I would say the greatest challenge I have had in my life was staying strong for my husband in a time in his life where he really needed me.  He became addicted to prescription pills after an injury.  It was definitely one of those moments in life where I came to realize that addiction does not discriminate, it can happen to anyone from any class, race, religion or socioeconomic status .   When I would hear stories of addiction, I perceived it as something that could never affect myself or anyone close to me.   Well, that was a real epiphany for me.  

    Of course, in those moments of reality when my husband needed help, I put all my efforts into helping him, but in the end when all was said and done and he was in recovery, I realized that I too needed help.  This situation had such a traumatic and devastating effect on me.  I had to process it and learn to cope with my feelings of isolation and despair.  There are so many emotions and stages that one goes through in dealing with addiction.  For me, there was a point where I could finally see the light again, when I had that aha moment and started to feel comfortable in being able to talk about addiction freely without fearing that I would be judged or scrutinized and instead, I take it as an opportunity to share that part of my life because you never know what impact your story could have on someone who might be struggling and needs to hear that they are not alone. 

  6. Of course, my son!  He’s my greatest accomplishment.  Not only is he handsome, but he has a mind that I cannot compete with.

  7. Spending time with my husband doing just about anything at all.  It is simple, but very meaningful.  We love each other’s company . 

    Also, watching my son navigate life as he follows his path makes me proud to see that I have helped to provide him with the tools he needs to have confidence and success in whatever he does .

  8. I have always had a dream of being a surfer!  

The Stories behind the faces

Each subject has a unique story to share – find all the stories in our exclusive magazine

The 50 over 50 PORTRAIT Magazine

Everyone has a story. The Planet Photo Portrait Magazine features the participants of the 2022 Portrait Experience and a little about each participant; their dreams, their real life stories and the experiences that shaped them.

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