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50 over 50

The women who took part

Meet the first group of wonderful participants of the 50 over 50 portrait experience. Thank you for sharing your time and your story with me. 

The 50 over 50 portraits are currently on display at The Bleachery during business hours.  Read more about each participant in the exclusive magazine. Available for purchase online and at the studio. 


“I’ll try. I always will try something once.”


“I feel blessed I was able to do what I felt I needed to do.”

50 over 50 portrait experience CT


“Red is my favorite color —It’s a fun color!”

Anne Marie

“I remember being 50 and feeling more self-confident than ever before!”

50 over 50 portrait experience CT


“Motivated, unstoppable, happy, and “blessed for sure.”

50 over 50 portrait experience CT


“I do not have anything to prove, but have much to give.”

50 over 50 portrait experience CT


“I am very connected to what it is to journey through midlife.”

50 over 50 portrait experience CT


“Find goodness in everything—it is there if you choose to look.”


“Trust your instincts… your heart will never fail you.”


“There are no coincidences”

50 over 50 portrait experience CT


“Faith is > Fear.”

50 over 50 portrait


“Always go with your gut instinct. It will not mislead you”

50 over 50 portrait experience CT


“Keep your ‘Glass Half Full”


“I’m healthy and proud of my age and certainly don’t feel 56.”


“....laugh in the face of this crazy world.”

50 over 50 portrait


“I’d rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity.”

50 over 50 portrait experience CT


“Ultimately, the age thing is just a number.”

The Stories behind the faces

Each subject has a unique story to share – find those stories in our exclusive magazine

The 50 over 50 PORTRAIT Magazine

Interviews with each unique photo subject showcased in an exclusive magazine available for purchase. 

With this magazine in hand, you can learn the story behind each face; their dreams, their real life stories and the experiences that shaped them.

Be part of the 50 over 50
Portrait experience

“I have observed increased confidence and independence in friends and clients in their 50s and beyond. As a photographer, I want to demonstrate that beauty is not reserved for the young.”

Join me on a fun and incredible adventure