Stamford CT Photographer – Welcome to twins Stella and Lola!

Stella Mae and Lola Grace

March 24, 2015

18 inches 5lbs 5oz and 19 inches 5lbs 9oz

I was so excited to finally meet these little babies. I had been chatting to their mom through the last weeks of her pregnancy and we were all on “any minute now” alert for a while but when they finally arrived on March 24th they did not disappoint!! I was in awe of these perfect little beings and incredibly impressed by the family taking care of their every need!!

I have to say I had a hard time telling them apart but I know I am not the only one – at our reveal meeting even the parents had to look twice at some of the images. I have been lucky enough to photograph a number of families with twins but did you know that only 1 in 30 U.S births result in twins? I am sure they are going to have a lot of fun with that at school in the future!

Stamford CT Photographer

Stamford CT Photographer
Stamford CT Photographer
Stamford CT Photographer
Stamford CT PhotographerSo the puppies were the babies of the house before the twins arrived so of course we had to include them in on the photo shoot and we even had a little fun with headbands when we were done with the twins!

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