Southbury CT Photographer – Happy 2nd Birthday Silas!

I just can’t believe how quickly these birthday milestones come around for my own children but it seems to go even faster for my Planet Photo family kids! Silas was a newborn when I met the family for the first time and I saw him again for one year photos but look at him now… a chatty, charming little dude with the nicest parents a kid could ever dream of. I met his parents at their house to show them their gallery and I got a chance to see all their framed Planet Photo images in their home – what a treat.

We lucked out with the weather and chose the golden hour at the end of the day for our session so we had amazing light. I love the images of him playing, running and of course snuggling with all his monsters, but my favorite is the image of him with him mom’s hands guiding him through life.


Janet xo

southbury ct photographerGuiding Hands

southbury ct photographersouthbury ct photographersouthbury ct photographer

Silas just learned how to put his hands in his pockets and we were joking that he was practicing for his senior pictures!!! How cute is this little man?!?

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  1. Those eyes just melt my heart. Love this little man!

  2. Wow! Such amazing pictures! I love how candid the pictures are and how the photographer captured your true life together as a family of three. My favorite picture is the cover photo! Simply stunning!

  3. Gorgeous moments captured! He is getting so big and is so photogenic. I love the wagon shot.

  4. That’s some serious mama love ! The pics are great! They really capture the spirit and energy of you three !!!

  5. Loved all of the photos. The cover photo was beautiful capturing Silas’s amazing big blue eyes and his look of contentment knowing his mom’s are by his side. Love him so much!

  6. Beautiful moments with a beautiful family! Their happiness shines through:)

  7. Wow– the lighting is perfect in these photos. And it’s great to see the three of you having fun and being yourselves!

  8. These photos are amazing! My favorite has to be the one with his hands in his pockets, but it is a very close second to the ones with his mommies. They really capture just how much there is for this little guy and what a wonderful family they are.

  9. These pictures are gorgeous! Love love love them all and love that little man and his beautiful family!

  10. These are the best! Everyone looks like they had so much fun!

    • We always have fun on our shoots!

  11. So many smiles! These photos are wonderful!

  12. Love them! What gorgeous pictures of one of my favorite families.

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