Reinvent the Dress 2016!

I heard about a great program that the guidance department at New Milford High School organizes. They have a closet of prom dresses that they loan or give to girls who want to go to prom without the expense of a new gown. I thought it would be really fun to organize a photo shoot and reinvent some of these dresses. I brought along three of the Planet Photo 2KSEVENTEEN model team and we invited some of the members of Key Club to model for the shoot. Key Club and Mrs Danette Lambiase receive donations and go through the dresses to make sure they are in good repair and relatively current for the girls to try on and choose a dress for either Junior or Senior Prom.

Tony just played the lead role of the Prince in the New Milford High School production of Cinderella so he was the perfect choice for our shoot and he graciously came along to help showcase the beautiful dresses. If you would like to make a donation to the prom dress closet then you should contact Danette Lambiase at New Milford High School.

Thank you to Stacey of Blush Couture for make up and hair styling and thanks to Morgan the chair of Key Club for all your help.

Thanks to Bailey, Elizabeth, Brooke, Emma and Kelly for modeling these stunning gowns

Blush Couture and Planet Photo will be teaming up for prom styling and portraits.

If you are interested in unique prom portraits then fill out the contact form! 

Everyone deserves to go to prom!!

reinvent the dress NMHS

reinvent the dress NMHS
reinvent the dress NMHS
reinvent the dress NMHSreinvent the dress NMHS
reinvent the dress NMHS

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  1. Brilliant!!! Love it! How fun for them

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