Project Beauty 360

Natural Portraits of CT Teens

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

This is one of my all time favorite Coco Chanel quotes, but if you google quotes about natural beauty there are many more ….

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Confidence is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear

A beautiful thing is never perfect

A woman is most beautiful when she smiles

Confidence is beauty


Unrealistic ad campaigns and peer pressure has always been a thing, but add social media to the equation and imagine how difficult it is for our teens to really feel confident in themselves.

I invited the girls in the Planet Photo Tribe to a different kind of photoshoot. Come as you are. Let me show you that you are beautiful just the way you are. Let your inner beauty really shine in black and white natural portraits.

I was overwhelmed by how many chose to participate, some even brought a friend.

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Project Beauty 360 began as a team shoot with a portrait photographer in Ohio and he luckily recognized the impact it had on his team and shared his idea with photographers throughout the country. I loved the idea; no makeup, no hairstyling, jeans and white top and a simple location. Let the emphasis be on the natural raw beauty of the girls. I always love spending time with my team but listening to their thoughts and stories about the pressures of being “good enough” “pretty enough” “popular enough” opened my eyes to the pressure they are under. I am so happy to show them that they are all of those things and more… THEY ARE ENOUGH!

Are you in High School? If you would like to be notified how you can participate in future Project Beauty 360 shoots then sign up here:

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