Newborn Photographer CT- Behind the scenes with Alissa


8 lbs 6 oz

21 inches

February 20, 2015

Set up for a newborn shoot starts early. Preparation is the key to a smooth session so I usually have a few options ready before the baby arrives and everything within easy reach. The room needs to be really warm so the heat gets turned up to 80 and I have two extra space heaters to give an extra boost in the posing areas. A warm baby with a full tummy is what we need to create some baby portrait magic!newborn photographer

Alissa was 14 days old when she came to the studio (after we had to reschedule twice because of the crazy winter weather!) Luckily I always build flexibility into my work week so that I can add in newborn sessions. Alissa’s mom brought the butterfly wings with her so of course we had to use those! I usually recommend newborn sessions to be in the first 10 days but I always say that there in no magic formula with babies; they have growth spurts even in those first few days when they seem to eat non-stop! The pace of the session is always set by the baby, we take breaks whenever we need to.

The studio is set up before the baby arrives.

newborn photographer
My light test model! Recognize her?

newborn photographer ct
I have product samples in the studio. I love the bamboo mounts and 3/4 inch standouts!

newborn photographer ct








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