New Milford CT – Sullivan Farm Family Photography Session

I first met Kristina and Mike at the New Milford Tennis and Swim Club, our kids were little and setting up camp pool side was the easiest and most fun way to pass the summer. We would arrive and the kids would find the group their age and just jump right in, no formal play dates, no marathon texting sessions to see who was going and no stress.  I kind of miss those summers to be honest!

Now we are more likely to bump into them on the sidelines of a Bulls Football field or a cheer competition but the easy conversation flows and we are soon caught up. I had been talking to Kristina about family portraits and we never managed to book in advance but one day the stars aligned, it was Kristina’s birthday and they would be getting ready to celebrate that so why not just meet a little earlier and capture the smiles and love of this sweet family? We chose Sullivan Farm for it’s convenience and it’s beauty, it is a reminder of the farm town that New Milford was and a thriving part of the town today with maple syrup and a farm stand offering fresh and locally grown produce.

Family Photography

I always try to capture some individual portraits on my family sessions and love the images of Mike and Kristina alone – when was the last time you did that?

Family Photography Session_Sullivan Farm CT

Family Photography Session_Sullivan Farm CTMike is a survivor. Please take a look at his Relay for Life Fundraising page to make a donation to his #purplezebra team. He is raising money and awareness for a rare of cancer called dedifferentiated liposarcoma. Sarcomas make up only 1% of adult cancers but are 15% of childhood cancers. It is difficult to correctly diagnose and equally challenging to treat.

Family Photography Session_Sullivan Farm CT

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