Planet Photo Model Team – Meet more of the Tribe!

The Planet Photo Teen Model Team are from towns around CT and we are going to be shooting our group sessions on location all over the state (we might even find ourselves in New York City with some of the Senior Model Team!) This initial shoot was a great chance to meet some of the other team members and get a taste of the model experience with professional make up and turns in front of the camera. The make up got all the models camera-ready, and of course it was the icing on the cake for their first model shoot. They all jumped in and helped out where necessary, holding reflectors, putting up signs and most importantly they were giving each other compliments and encouragement. They are up for the challenge of collaborating to make our group sessions amazing!

So meet more of the Tribe…..


Planet Photo Model


Planet Photo Model


Planet Photo Model


Planet Photo Model




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  1. These are amazing Janet!!!

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