Happy 1st Birthday Olympia! CT Birthday Photographer Planet Photo

I was beyond excited to have Oly for her 1st birthday celebration. Her mom ordered a beautiful pink ombre cake from The Sweet Spot in New Milford – I always recommend them because their cakes are amazing and they are incredibly good value. They have done so many cake smash cakes that they know what works and they make the perfect size cake. Best of all though, their cakes taste fabulous!

Oly fell asleep on the ride over here but she woke up with a smile and was incredibly good natured from the get go. She is the only girl in her family so it was pink and girly all the way – perfect!!!

I love how the images came out – let me know what you think of beautiful (and very expressive) Olympia on her first birthday.

Love, Janet xoCT Birthday Photographer

I couldn’t pick a favorite so I put together a collection of images to show the stages of the cake smash session.

We usually start with some portraits in a favorite outfit; then move on to the cake smash (messy play) and we end up with a bubble bath. All the stages are fun and relaxed and we keep things moving to keep them interested. Oly loved her cake but not all babies do and that’s ok! Almost all of them love the bath and it keeps them in one spot so I can get some close ups of their face. Isn’t she the cutest???



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