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CT Sisters Photography with Sammie and Molly

“20 seconds into an erg piece or a race a rower loses some of their senses. They keep rowing, but without understanding what’s happening. The movements come naturally and all they can do is keep moving. It’s as if the rower goes numb. But it’s not numb as in feeling nothing. It’s numb as in you’re in so much pain your body blacks out somehow, and against all known reasons, the rower can keep moving. It’s a mindset that tortures a person into thinking that pain is bliss. Rowing is a psychological disaster that destroys your body and mind”

CT Sisters Photography


CT Sisters PhotographyCT Sisters Photography

CT Sisters PhotographySammie and Molly are CT sisters that have that determination. I caught up with them at the end of a training session for Sammie. Anyone who is involved in a sport knows that something has to give. There just isn’t time for everything when you are training hard, studying, being a teenager…… Both girls manage to find the balance and they are smart, out-going and a pleasure to be around. They are also part of the 2KSEVENTEEN Planet Photo Model team so I am SO proud to be working with them this year.

I love choosing a location that means something to the family. Great River Rowing Club is a place that they all have spent time and a huge part of this stage in their lives. Have a great rowing season girls and good luck in your senior year Sammie!!!

Janet xoCT Sisters Photography



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