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CT Teens – Passion Portrait | Charlotte

Charlotte came straight from the hockey rink with the game MVP award in her bag so she loved putting those sweaty pads back on again for portraits!!! So let me introduce you to Charlotte….

CT Teens

Me: Do you have a nickname?

Charlotte: Slider or Charbar

Me: What is your favorite Candy:

Charlotte: Twix (one of my favorites too!)

Me: What is your dream job?

Charlotte: Food Critic (I had no idea!)

Me: If you could meet anyone who would you most want to meet?

Charlotte: Nicklas Backstrom, Taylor Swift (I had to google Nicklas Backstom …..) 

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Me: Favorite thing in your closet?

Charlotte: All of my shoes (a girl after my own heart!)

Me: Favorite place on earth?

Charlotte: The Adirondacks

Me: Three things you can’t live without?

Charlotte: My hockey gear, lacrosse stick and candy!

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Charlotte: A surgeon or something with sports medicine

Me: How would your friends describe you?

Charlotte: crazy, weird, funny

I think I would choose determined, beautiful and smart.

Thanks for sharing your passion with us Charlotte!

Janet xo


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  1. Janet,
    What beautiful photos and a glimpse into an athletic, driven and lovely young ladies world. Priceless!

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