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Sam is a talented kid. She is an incredible tumbler and and invaluable part of my daughter Olivia’s cheer team (Fourth in the Nation by the way….) Every year she takes part in a karate competition in Florida and she knocks it out of the park with her creative karate displays. She trains with her Dad at Modern Self Defense and Training Center based in New Milford, CT. and if you saw how high her kicks are in person you would be blown away.

So, down to business….. I almost had to gag Olivia to stop her from answering for her friend but I wanted to hear from Sam!

ct teen photographer


Me: Do you have any nicknames that you are willing to share?

Sam: Sam or Sam a Lamb or Lamby (there was another one but I promised to keep that one quiet!)ct teen photographer

Me: What is your favorite candy?

Sam: Sugar Daddy (I honestly have never even tried that one….)ct teen photographer

Me: What is your dream job?

Sam: All Star Cheerleader (no surprise there….)

Me: Who was your first crush?

Sam: Nick Jonas 

Me: What is your biggest school accomplishment?ct teen photographer

Sam: I earned an OSCAR last year for helping a kid on crutches in the the hall way. I ended up missing my bus!

Me: That sounds like something I can imagine you doing! Do you have a hidden talent?

Sam: I am really bendy

Me: Yes you are!!!! Who would you like to meet?

Sam: I have two…… Buddy Valastro. (I obviously had a blank look so she told me he’s the Cake Boss AND then I got it!) And Maddie Ziegler. (Another blank look from me but I got it when she said Dance Moms!!!)

Me: Three things that you can’t leave home without?

Sam: My ipad, Nike Pros and a hair tie

Me: What is your goal after you are done with school?

Sam: I want to travel the world! And I want to be RICH and famous for cheerleading!

Me: Who is your favorite fictional character?

Sam: Fat Amy  

Me:- (I love Pitch Perfect! The first one though, not the second one…..) How would your friends describe you?

Sam: Annoying LOL! Funny. Blond, And kind of like New York City – I never sleep!!!


So I did learn some new things about Sam after all!

A teen session should be fun, show different sides of your personality and capture a moment in time. I think we checked all those boxes for Sam with her shoot.

Love, Janet xo

ct teen photographer

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  1. What can i say Janet…these are so incredible! You have so perfectly captured Samantha in every way! She has so many parts that make her fun and exciting and you’ve covered them all! I am so grateful for you capturing her at this point in her life! Treasured memories forever!!! <3

    • You are so welcome Kelly! She did a fabulous job in front of the camera. I would love to see her compete in a karate competition one of these days so keep us posted!

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