CT Family Photographer Planet Photo Meets Ricky!

There is something amazingly beautiful about the bond that exists between Janie and her horse Ricky. Ricky responds to Janie’s laughter and the tone of her voice, and if you know Janie then you know that laugh and you would be hard pressed not to react to it too! I met Janie a couple of years ago in a gym class at Phys-Ed in New Milford. Over the years I have come to learn that she is a former teacher, an avid rider, a grandmother (I know it’s hard to believe, but it is true) and one of the kindest and most considerate women you could ever meet.

We have talked about getting together to take photos of Ricky many times but something always came up or the weather got too cold and he started to get his winter coat but the stars certainly aligned this day. The sky was blue and the air was warm and Ricky was looking his very best and on his best behavior too. I got a tour of the barn and the wonderful home and studio of Bethlehem artist Sharon Curran.

I had some riding lessons after college and have always loved the atmosphere of horse barns, the smell of the hay, the leather and the noises of the horses rustling in their stalls. There is a lot of time and dedication that goes into owning a horse but I think you will agree that it is paid back 100 fold when you look at these photos.

Thanks for sharing Ricky with me Janie – he is stunning and such a sweet horse.


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  1. Janet Taub is an amazing photographer and I am forever greatful to have her share this talent with me. The pictures she took of Ricky and I are a testimont to her expertise. Thanks to Janet’s sensitivity and keen eye, I have pictures that are worth a thousand words and capture precious memories for a lifetime. Janet, you are New Milford’s world class photographer. Thank you, dear friend for all your kind words!!! XO Janie

    • Janie – you are so welcome and thank you for your incredibly kind words. You just made my night!

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