Happy First Birthday Silas!

As you can probably tell by the blue skies and flowers Silas had his 1st birthday in the summer. What an incredibly happy-go-lucky little guy!

I met Silas and his Moms last year for newborn photos so I was so excited to meet up again for a special birthday photo session. He is quite the stylish dude with his button down shirt and flip flops and although he was walking he was not quite at the run away stage which was definitely a bonus! These photos were taken at Harrybrooke Park in New Milford – one of my favorite local destinations, a hidden gem for New Milford residents. The location should be fun and easy to get around to keep little ones busy and engaged – it was a quiet day so we didn’t have to worry about photo bombers or people distracting Silas. I can always make suggestions for locations but I am always up to discover a new place!

first birthday ctfirst birthday ctfirst birthday ctfirst birthday ct

So I am sure you guessed there is a background story here……

Silas loves his green and blue lovey blanket so much that his Moms found multiple backups to avoid a lovey disaster. They brought them all along to surprise him at the shoot and to capture that moment in time when he was obsessed with these things!

first birthday ct

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