CT Child Photographer – A milestone sitting session for Nolin!

I cannot say it enough – six months is the perfect time to update those milestone photos. When your little one is sitting confidently (but not crawling away) then their personality can shine and I can catch those amazing images. Nolin has plenty of personality and the cutest smile ever, so of course it was great to see him again. His newborn session was one of my favorites from last year and it was so fun to see how much he had grown. His eyes are just as blue but he has a bit more hair than last time I saw him.

Nolin’s Grandma made the bear so he needed to be part of the session. I like to encourage my families to bring in special items from home, they carry so much more meaning in the photographs. If you are interested in the milestone package then fill out the contact form and let me know.


Janet xo

CT Child PhotographerCT Child PhotographerCT Child PhotographerCT Child PhotographerCT Child Photographer

Carrots anyone? This boy has crazy spoon skills!

CT Child Photographer

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  1. Love these photos of Nolin. How do I order?

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