A Contemporary Glamour Portrait – Kathy

When people first hear glamour portrait they think of big hair and a mall in the 80’s. That’s not what I am trying to achieve with my contemporary portraits of women.¬†Everyone deserves to be made to feel beautiful. Now Kathy and her family have beautiful portraits of her. A mother. A wife. A daughter. A strong, beautiful, capable woman. A woman who deserves to be recognized as all of those things and so much more.

I asked Kathy to describe her portrait experience so here she is in her own words…..

“Back in the fall, Janet Taub, Planet Photo, and Stacey Palancia, Brush Couture, asked me to be part of a new campaign they are putting together focusing on women. Not knowing what to expect, I decided to jump in with both feet and go with the experience.
As I walked into Planet Photo for the first time, I was greeted with a warm hug from Janet and then a burst of beautiful sunshine. The lighting in Planet Photo is amazing – warm and inviting.
Stacey Palancia, took the time to apply makeup professionally. I’ve never had this done before. It was fun to sit in the chair and let her work her magic. My favorite part was the airbrushed foundation application. I was made up without being overly made up. I loved the lipstick choice too. Next she primped my hair and off I went to put on my first outfit.

Janet is so encouraging as she put me in all these yoga poses and then asked me not to move, but smile at the same time. It was a bird’s eye view of what a professional model goes through each day.
This experience allowed me to really focus on myself and appreciate who I am. I spend most of my time on my family and children. It’s very easy to lose yourself and this was a real treat.
Janet and Stacey made me feel so beautiful. I’m so happy I decided to jump.”

We are very happy you did too Kathy!
Janet xo
Are you interested in a day or pampering and magazine style portraits? How would you like to be photographed?


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  1. I love this….Kathy you are beautiful.  I love the shot in the red dress!!

  2. Lovely pictures Janet. 

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