Brookfield CT Photographer – Welcome to a baby sister!

Avery Kathryn

4 lbs 5 oz

18 inches

March 28, 2015

Brookfield CT Photographer

Matt and Kate had never done newborn photographs for their older daughters, but they knew they wanted to freeze the moment when baby Avery Kathryn arrived. Kate brought Avery over when she was around a week old and we did some of the classic newborn shots that they had missed out on with the older girls. 

A few days later the whole family came for a quick 10 minute session! Newborn sessions can be long, hot and a bit boring for older siblings so this is a solution I often recommend if a family lives close by.

A new baby is an exciting but somewhat confusing time for big brothers and sisters so I try to make a fuss of just them when I can. That wasn’t hard with these two! Avery has two very proud older sisters to look out for her.

I often hear that families wished they had taken newborn images or that it had been more popular when their first child was born. This shouldn’t stop you from photographing your new baby – take it from me (a fourth child) there will almost always be more images of the first born!!! There are ways to include the whole family and the older siblings are usually excited to show off their new baby. If a mom can take a break from the family for a few hours to come to the studio she usually finds it relaxing and stress free. Dad and the older siblings can either join us for the last portion of the session or we schedule a quick meeting at another time.

Congratulations to the whole family!

Janet xo

Brookfield CT PhotographerBrookfield CT PhotographerBrookfield CT PhotographerBrookfield CT Photographer

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  1. Avery looks precious and I LOVE how proud her big sisters are! What a gorgeous family!

  2. Just beautiful!

  3. These came out awesome!

  4. Love all the pics of my girls- and Mommy & Daddy! Beautiful!

  5. Beautiful pictures! It’s so nice to capture this moment in time!

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