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On Location

where next?

Destination LONDON

I am going back to Blighty in July 2023!

Would you like to join me on an amazing adventure? Reach out and let’s start planning!  Join me in London in July, 2023 for an incredible portrait experience. 

Two days shooting with One Collective for the ultimate teen portrait experience.

The option to add an extra day of shooting if you want to include the family!


Styled photoshoots

We’ll hit some of the hot spots and some amazing locations off the beaten track. I know my way around London but it’s always changing. New areas suddenly become really popular. We want to make sure you get a true feel of shooting in London but without being completely surrounded by tourists!


And really unique portraits.

We’ll build in time to take in the surroundings but I definitely recommend getting to the UK a few days before the shoot if possible. You will want time to explore while you get over your jet-lag and jumping right into the time zone is the best way. If you want to explore other areas of the UK or catch a flight to another country in Europe then now is your chance. 

New friends

From other US studios

Join the One Collective Event and you’ll bond with the reps and the photographers and gain friends in new places. We are keeping this group relatively small though, we don’t want to block pavements or stop traffic!

You’ll have time to chat with the locals too! 

Don’t worry, I’ll help translate 😉

OC London Meet up

What's included?

Be my model/rep for the One Collective Meetup in London and you will be photographed both by me and the other One Collective Photographers in attendance. 

Styling and a Professional make up artist for the shoot days. 

Digital Swag Bag of images from all attending photographers and all the One Collective goodies.

PLUS – additional shooting time with me. 

A 30 page custom album with images that I create for YOU!

What next?

Let’s set up a zoom call and I can fill you in on ALL the details. 

Start looking at flights to London – try to build in a day or two to recover from jet lag!

The wonderful Tower Hotel will be our hub so reserve a room there or close to the Tower of London. 

Check out the style guide on One Collective and be on the lookout for outfits. 


So if you are interested in a once in a lifetime London photo shoot then what are you waiting for?

London’s calling!

The Voice of the NEW Generation

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planet photo on Location

....the ultimate portrait experience

your vibe attracts your tribe

can't wait to meet you!