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meets Gemma for a modern newborn shoot

Joya and Michael were a RAW Photo Design couple and their engagement shoot was in a garage in Brooklyn. So you know they didn’t just want a pastel newborn session….. The custom built motorcycle was in that original engagement session so we had to include that in our newborn session.

Gemma made her arrival a little earlier than planned and she was almost 5 weeks before I had the honor of meeting her. I let them know that newborn shoots can be a little unpredictable. Five weeks old is out of that traditionally sleepy newborn phase where eating sleeping take up the majority of the day. Well, of course Gemma proved to be a perfect model in almost every way…. she slept and posed and then slept some more! So much for that traditional sleepy phase…….

Joya and Michael had done a little research and had some ideas for shots which we managed to work into the session, but we still got those adorable sleepy baby shots that they will treasure forever. They really are only this small for such a short period of time and I love the simplicity of these shots.

I am crazy about the results of our session and I am sure you are going to fall in love with this little honey bee. With her parents arms always wrapped protectively around her Gemma has a bright future ahead of her.





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