New Milford Photographer – Brody Sitting Session!

Brody is a mellow dude, so of course we had fun taking some shots of him sitting and playing in the studio. His big sister Avery was on hand to help out and we had a little assisted walk around outside because it was such a beautiful day. He is mobile in a big way now, so next time won’t be quite as easy! Avery and my daughter Olivia have been friends since Kindergarden and they are already planning Brody’s 1st birthday celebration shoot. I am sure they have a pinterest board in the making with brain storming ideas for cakes and decorations so stay tuned for images of that!

Brody was around 7 months when we did this session and he was about 10 days old when I did newborn photos of him. I think it is clear that it is the same child but isn’t that blond hair amazing now – what a cutie! Next time you see Amber then check out an image she has of Avery at around the same age …….. twins!!!

If you are thinking of doing a milestone package then you still have the flexibility to choose a good time for your child – they are all very different! The sitting but not crawling phase can be oh so very short for some, but it does provide some great opportunities for portraits. My son Sam was content to sit for months (as long as we passed him toys and generally kept him entertained). Olivia on the other hand was in a rush to get to the next phase – she seemed to sit still for a day or two and then moved on to crawling!

These stages are so fleeting and it is so important to capture them all while you can.

We love you Brodster!

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