Putnam County Family Photo Session at Averill Farm

These three little girls are part of our family. The family we have chosen in Connecticut to fill the gap of being so far away from our “real family”. Susannah is older than Olivia by 12 days and don’t you ever forget it – she might be a little shorter but she is the oldest! Elizabeth is a chatterbox and full of personality and gymnastic moves. She will talk her way out of anything and keep you on your toes. And then there is Rebecca….my kids call her¬†Webeccah. She is always scared of “that big boy” when she sees Sam and then by the end of the day she loves him again. Olivia gets to pretend that she is a big sister and not the baby of the family – she has a huge nurturing gene and “Webeccah” doesn’t seem to mind if she carries her around and treats her as part of the family.

We have a long standing apple picking family outing every fall. We mix up the destination, although Averill Farm is our favorite. Somehow we always end up with all the apples that Rebecca picked!

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