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Celebrating Family at Tarrywile Mansion in Danbury

I had such fun hanging out with this family at Tarrywile Mansion Park in Danbury, Connecticut. Finding a way for the personalities of older children and teenagers to shine through, while still getting some family shots can be a tricky at times. But Ben and Belle were up for the challenge and we had fun laughing (at each other) and hamming it up for the camera. My goal is to always get a couple of shots that immediately get a reaction of “that is so them” and I think we got a couple here.

Jeanette and Chris did a great job preparing for the shoot. Belle found her outfit and the rest of family planned around her (with her input of course). It is no accident that her nail polish matches her shoes…..She is destined for a future in fashion design or art, she always has a pair of scissors in her hands and a craft project on the go.

Here are some of my favorites from the day…..

Family Photography Danbury CTTarrywile_mansion_danbury_ family_portraits_13Tarrywile_mansion_danbury_ family_portraits_14

That cheeky grin and the tickle that nobody was supposed to see ….. yep, that’s Ben!

Tarrywile_mansion_danbury_ family_portraits_15Tarrywile_mansion_danbury_ family_portraits_17Tarrywile_mansion_danbury_ family_portraits_18Tarrywile_mansion_danbury_ family_portraits_19

There are so many things I love about this but most of all it makes me smile because they actually held hands!!!

Tarrywile_mansion_danbury_ family_portraits_20

One of my favorites of the day – do you have an up -to-date photo with your spouse?

Tarrywile_mansion_danbury_ family_portraits_21Tarrywile_mansion_danbury_ family_portraits_22Tarrywile_mansion_danbury_ family_portraits_23Tarrywile_mansion_danbury_ family_portraits_24


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