Candlewood Lake, CT Photo Session

Meg and Lindsey have been friends since they were three and they have danced together for all those years. Last weekends performance of Cinderella and Bed Time Stories by Studio D was a huge success and they wanted to celebrate that by dancing on the shores of Candlewood Lake! They were beautiful in their costumes and you could see just how much they enjoy hanging out together. Of course they were nervous at first. But that is the beauty of the 70-200mm lens in these type of photo sessions. I could move away and observe them from a distance. Their inhibitions disappeared and they began to dance…. Just two friends having fun in their beautiful outfits. I am sure you would twirl too if you were wearing one of those skirts!

Those blue skies and picture perfect clouds have given way to rain showers – we need it, but I look forward to those sunny evenings returning soon….. Enjoy!

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  1. These pictures are beautiful! Everything about them…the girls, the setting, the weather…so pretty! Nice job!

  2. Gorgeous!!!

  3. Awww – thanks Steph!

  4. Thank you Janet the photos are so beautiful. The images are priceless moments I could have never captured. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  5. OMG Janet, you are talented beyond words. You capture their beauty, youth, loveliness with complete natural looks. Fabulous work. Lovely friends.

  6. So precious! Well done Janet !!!

  7. Janet, these photos are absolutely gorgeous! The girls had such a fun and wonderful time during the photo shoot with you. Thank you for giving us these beautiful photos that we will forever treasure.

  8. The girls did a beautiful job. Thank you so much for these pictures

  9. absolutely beautiful!

  10. Gorgeous!! Love these pictures! You are amazing…and of course you had two beautiful subjects too! 🙂

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