Aine is 6 months old! CT Baby Photographer

I love it when I get to see a newborn client for the 6 month sitting session. Aine was an adorable newborn baby so I was excited to see her, Mom and Grammy again.ct baby photographer

Six months really is a wonderful time in the development of the baby, Aine was sitting securely so we didn’t have to worry too much about bruised heads. She has no concept of stranger danger yet and was as happy as a clam to play on the rug and smile at us all! She is starting to really respond to people around her and was imitating noises (raspberry noises of course!) and she was trying really hard to coordinate clapping her hands.  She is comfortable rolling over and getting into a plank position so we caught her just in time before the crawling starts. Photo sessions with a crawler are a workout for everyone!!!!

I promised a sneak peek but I couldn’t decide between these two….. I hear that Aine has an Aunt who will be crazy about the tutu!

Love, Janet xo

CT baby photographer

Regular check ups with a pediatrician include checking on your baby’s development and hitting milestones. They are all different though and some babies skip the crawling stage completely!

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